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Reference Works

© Archives Nationales du Québec-Montréal, Expo 67 collection, author unknown
Antonin Artaud, around 1930.


In French:

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  • Le Théâtre en France by Jacqueline Jomaron, collection « pochothèque », Livre de poche; an illustrated edition in two volumes is also available.
  • L'Art de la scène : passé-présent : scénographie québécoise 1940-1990 by Mario Bouchard, APASQ. Contains photographs of sets, sketches, scale models, etc.
  • Histoire du théâtre dessinée by André Degaine, A.-G. Nizet.

In English:

  • The Cambridge Guide to World Theatre by Martin Banham (ed.), Cambridge, 1995.
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Websites (in french):

This French site offers an extraordinary wealth of images and information on the latest trends in theatre today, particularly in Europe where theatre is generally more daring than in North America. The video section is simply spectacular.

The Théâtre à l'affiche section lists almost everything that's happening on stage in Quebec; it's an invaluable tool when planning an evening out. This site also offers information on current theatre news in Quebec, interviews with artists, and a comprehensive list of web links.

This site was created by and for university researchers. It includes an excellent general bibliography on theatre studies, a general chronology of theatre, a page with links to dramatic texts, and a glossary of theatre terms.

Other than sections on the current activities and history of this prestigious institution, this site features an excellent dictionary of theatre terms and plenty of information regarding the playwrights in the theatre's repertoire.