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Claire Speed, NAC Director of Music Education, shows off the Vivaldi Teacher Resource Kit.

Music Resources for Teachers

Teacher Resource Kits

The NAC is proud to have produced four teacher resource kits. All of them are available for free download on this website. Each guide features the life, times and music of a classical composer and includes cross-curricular classroom activities and information about Pinchas Zukerman and the NAC Orchestra.


If you've used any of our Teacher Resource Kits with your students, we'd like to hear from you!

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The National Arts Centre Orchestra's Teacher Resource Kits are produced on a project basis. These kits are distributed to primary schools across Canada via school boards and other partners. Unfortunately, once distribution has taken place, we do not keep additional kits in stock. We are therefore unable to fulfill requests for additional free copies.

We soon hope to offer the opportunity to purchase additional hard copies of these kits, pending printing and distribution arrangements. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please send us an email with the subject line "Teacher Resource Kit for Purchase".

To purchase the music of these great composers played by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, visit the National Arts Centre's online Boutique.

Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities related to other famous composers

  • Activities on the Famous Composers
    This document contains teaching activities to be used in conjunction with the "Complete Composers' Life and Times" PDF's available below.

Complete Composers' Life and Times:

NAC Orchestra Student Matinée Teacher Study Guides

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Teacher's Frequently Asked Questions... and answers!

  1. I'd like to start an orchestra or band at my school. Where do I start?
    We've got lots of links that will help you with that question, visit our links page.
  2. I need a lesson plan for a certain topic, can you help me find it?
    There are many sites that offer customized lesson plans. Try using a search engine such as Use the specific topic or keywords you are looking for to locate one. You can also check our links section for a few lesson plan sites.

    Also, don't forget to use our Great Composer Teacher Resource Kits.
  3. I'd like to bring some musicians to my school to perform. How can I arrange this?
    If your school is located in the National Capital Region, please consult the National Arts Centre Orchestra's education programmes. If not, try contacting your local branch of the American Federation of Musicians

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