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pdf Schubert's Party : the melody musician - This guide features the life, times and music of Franz Peter Schubert with great classroom activities and information about Pinchas Zukerman and the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

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Franz Schubert


Welcome to Schubert's lively world of music, coffee and parties! The National Arts Centre Orchestra is pleased to share the fascinating life, times and music of one of the world's greatest composers.

Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828) was one of the most phenomenal musical geniuses of all time. In his short life of just 31 years, he composed nearly a thousand compositions. Most composers who live three times as long don't write nearly that much. Amazing! How did he do it? In some ways Schubert was a very ordinary fellow. He went to coffee shops and parties, stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, then sacked out in a friend's apartment. But in other ways he was unique. We hope you have fun as you read on and get to know Schubert a little bit better. What was he really like? Was he the kind of person you'd want to meet? The kind of person you could hang out with? The kind of person you'd like to be yourself?


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