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R. Murray Schafer

Murray Schafer works with students at a multi-choir choral workshop on March 26, 2008. [Dyanne Wilson Photography]

Performing Schafer: Repertoire Suggestions for School Groups

For Elementary Schools

  • “Six Magic Songs” (Choral - Unison, with performance instructions)
  • From The Spirit Garden: “The Raking Song” and “Spring Song” (Choral - SA)
  • “You are Illuminated” (Choral - SA)

For Secondary Schools or Advanced Elementary Groups

  • From The Enchanted Forest: “Sweet Clover,” “Arianna’s Lament,” “Lu-li-lo-la” (Choral - SSA)
  • “Epitaph for Moonlight” (Choral - SATB)
  • “Felix’s Girls” (Choral - SATB)
  • “Gamelan” (Choral - SATB or SSAA)
  • “Minimusic” (For Instruments or Voices)
  • “Miniwanka” (Choral - SSA or SATB)
  • “Snowforms” (Choral - SA)
  • “Threnody” (For Choir, Orchestra, Narrators, and Electronic Music) 
  • “Train” (Orchestral)
  • “Statement in Blue” (Orchestral)

All of these works are available from Arcana Editions (

Members of the Ottawa Children’s Choir perform “The Raking Song” at the Murray Schafer choral workshop on March 26, 2008. [Dyanne Wilson Photography]