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Welcome to Canada's Four Seasons Gallery

Submit a drawing, poem, or essay inspired by Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, as performed on the recording by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, for a chance to see your entry selected for posting here on Canada's Four Season's Gallery.

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November 6, 2005


We would like to submit the drawings/paintings that came out of a 3-day music workshop with children ages 8 to 12....

Nancy Wattié, who recently opened a small music school in Waterloo, Belgium, organized a 3-day workshop under the theme of A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It was held on November 2, 3 and 4, 2005. The six children had an hour and a half to create their drawings/paintings after listening to the three movements of the Autumn concerto. Access to the garden was free! Pencils and felt pens, opaque water colours, water-based colours, scissors, glue, sticks, adhesive paper and Vivaldi were all involved!

Attached are photographs of the children’s works!

The children:
Jason – age 8
Nolan – age 9
Félix - age 9
Chloë – age 11
Alison – age 12½
Elodie – age 12½

"Nancy Wattié" Music School
Avenue Jules Colle 17
B - 1410 Waterloo


Musically yours,

Nancy Wattié
Coach-Music Therapist


image 1963

image 1964

image 1965

image 1966

image 1967

image 01968

image 01
Rose Doerksen 10 ans, École Provencher, Winnipeg, Manitoba

image 01
Rose Doerksen 10 ans, École Provencher, Winnipeg, Manitoba

image 02
Morgan Herie 10 ans, École Provencher, Winnipeg, Manitoba

image 01
Louise Poon age 11, Tomsett Elementary School, Richmond, British Columbia

When winter is here
Spring is near
fluffy white snow everywhere
even in my hair
Making snowmans having snowball fights
and getting frostbites

image 01
Amanda Ngan age 10, Tomsett Elementary School, Richmond, British Columbia

Summer Poem
The sun is burning The grasses are green
The trees are tall
The sky is blue
The clouds are white

Evan Smith 10 ans, École Provencher, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Skaters skating on the ice,
Cocoa boiling hot and nice,
Shoppers walking up and down
The streets of my hometown
Ride on a sled, going up and down,
On the hills near my hometown.

Now it is Christmas evening,
Attend a party with dancing and eating.
Garland strung, fires dim,
Softly singing Christmas hymns.

Now we go to bed,
Candy and cookies dance through our head
While St Nicholas creeps silently by our beds.
Then setting presents by the tree
And setting all his magic free