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Nic Nac Violin Activities and Games

Orchestral music is lots of fun and these activities and games prove it.

  • Compose Music
    Create your own musical score. It's all in the "click and drag".
  • Name The Composer!
    Think you know your composers? Test your knowledge with this quiz.
  • Name the Instrument!
    Can you identify the instruments of the orchestra? Try this quiz.

Vivaldi-related activities:

Play your recorder along with Vivaldi's Music! (Activity from Vivaldi and the Four Seasons Teacher Resource Kit)

Choose to play along with a recorder or piano to:

Canada's Four Season's Gallery > GO!

Vivaldi-related quiz:

Learn about Vivaldi and the NAC orchestra throughout Music and then try your hand at this quiz.
Take the quiz

Schubert-related activities:

Schubert's Party: online game

Are you an expert on Schubert? Find out by answering these multiple-choice and true-and-false questions. Nic Nac will keep track of your score! All the answers can be found in the Schubert's Party teacher resource guide.

Schubert Activitity Sheet - Try your hand at writing poetry:

You Play Along with Schubert's Marche Militaire.

    Choose to play along with a recorder or piano to:

Beethoven-related activities:

Download the following Beethoven-related activities pulled from the Beethoven Teacher Resource kit.

Mozart's Sonata in A, K. 331

Play along with the theme from Mozart's Sonata in A, K.331.

  1. Download the Sonata in A sheet music
  2. Choose to play along with a recorder or another instrument to:

NAC Orchestra Touring-related activity