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You can take the boy out of Newfoundland, but you can't take Newfoundland out of the boy. Thank God for that, because he gave Newfoundland to us.

Diane D’Aquila


David's works are like icebergs off Newfoundland, always interesting on the surface, but it is the vast humanity beneath that powers the plays – the humour, the despair, the absurdity, the vulnerability, the aggression and always, deep in the centre, his heart.

R.H. Thomson

Actor and director

Salt-Water Moon

Across Canada

This map shows the range of Canadian municipalities where Salt-Water Moon has been presented since its premiere at the Tarragon Theatre (Toronto) in 1984. While it is not a comprehensive list, it includes most of the professional productions and some amateur and university productions.

The play has also been frequently produced in Great Britain, the United States and elsewhere around the world.