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Peter Herrndorf

Welcome and About Us

Message from Peter A. Herrndorf,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to English Theatre, the second module of the National Arts Centre's popular performing arts education website, The first component to this website, Music was launched to the web last winter. Since that time we have been delighted with the enthusiasm and traffic that the website has generated and we are equally optimistic that you will enjoy the value of content within English Theatre.

Thanks to the generous support of Canadian Heritage and TELUS, we have created an innovative and interactive site that offers unique opportunities for students and teachers to engage in on-line learning that is fun! Opportunities for innovation and educational outreach will not stop here however, as future additions to will include modules for French Theatre and Dance.

Youth and education continue to take centre stage at the National Arts Centre and we are thrilled to have the support of our partners in making this happen.

We invite you to explore and enjoy English Theatre! We look forward to your ongoing feedback.

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About National Arts Centre English Theatre

The National Arts Centre (NAC) English Theatre has been an important player on the national and local performance scene since 1970. Our job is to produce and present outstanding professional theatre from every part of Canada, both in the nation's capital, Ottawa, and in other cities. By co-producing with partner theatres across Canada, we send NAC productions to our partners' home cities, and bring to Ottawa productions that they have rehearsed and built. We have a particular interest in plays written by Canadians, and we actively assist Canadian playwrights to develop their work. We also stage work from classical and international repertoire. We present a Main Stage Series of five plays, an alternative Studio Stage Series of three plays, a Family Series, Special Presentations, and a number of educational and training activities. We perform at the NAC in the 850-seat Theatre, the 290-seat Studio and sometimes in the 150-seat Fourth Stage.

English Theatre productions are rehearsed in one of our two rehearsal halls, and built in the NAC's scenic, prop and wardrobe workshops by our production staff. We hire actors, directors and designers from across the country, and have had many of this country's best theatre artists working on our stages. Currently, Marti Maraden, the respected director and actor, heads English Theatre as Artistic Director. She leads a staff of full-and-part-time theatre professionals who bring their expertise to help put our best work before audiences here and across Canada.

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About National Arts Centre New Media

The National Arts Centre's New Media group is a small team creating online projects which help fulfill the NAC's national mandate. NAC New Media uses today's as well as tomorrow's technologies to engage, inform and entertain arts lovers across Canada and around the world.

NAC New Media works with the NAC's programming and education departments to create compelling content for the National Arts Centre's websites, among them:

Hexagon is the NAC's research and development project, which leverages next-generation broadband videoconferencing to extend the reach of the NAC's interactive outreach programmes. Tele-mentoring, education outreach, and audience development are explored using ultrafast networks like Canada's CA*net4 and Internet2 in the US.

NAC New Media acknowledges the tremendous support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and our technology partners the National Research Council.

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