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F E A T U R E:
Spotlight on Storyboarding

Dany Lyne's storyboard for The Wrong Son

Click on each image to view a larger version.


Preshow - Band setting up for recording

Scene 1

Scene 1- Ryle Hitchhiking

Scene 2a Cornell picks up Ryle

Scene 2c – Peg appears on highway

Scene 2d – Hold on tight

Scene 3 – The Flamingo

Scene 4 – Car Crash & Tremble Letter

Scene 5 – Back at the The Flamingo

Scene 6a – Maggie at police station

Scene 6b – Flashback to Peg at The Flamingo

Scene 6d – Flashback to the dock

Scene 6e – Maggie at police station

Scene 7a - Ryle arrives at Tremble’s cabin

Scene 7a – Ryle lies down to sleep

Scene 7c – Tremble washes blood out

ntermission – Back at the radio studio

Scene 8a – DREAM

Scene 8b – Breakfast at Mr. Tremble’s

Scene 9 – Ryle writes letter to Maggie

Scene 9 – Maggie at dressing table

Scene 10a – Scallops for lunch

Scene 10b – Love gone awry – Peg appears

Scene 11 – Maggie at the station

Scene 12a – Singing and dancing

Scene 12b – Cops arrive at cabin

Scene 12c – Bedroom doors opened

Scene 12c – Gold is revealed

Scene 12d – Cornell arrives

Scene 13a – Maggie arrives at cabin

Scene 13b – Night of the murder

Scene 13b – Maggie shoots Peg

Scene 13b – Maggie arrives at cabin

Scene 13b – Cornell goes for the gold

Photo 34 Scene 13b – Almost everyone is dead

Scene 35 - Ryle Hitchhiking