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Check out this collection of fun and educational activities that can be completed both at home and in the classroom.

Script creation and analysis: information and activity

Learn the elements of dramatic structure and consider different ways of starting a play. Let your creativity soar with an activity designed to help you make choices and begin writing a play of your own.

Character, conflict—Action!

Improvise with a partner. Choose a character to portray and a verb to play in a situation with another actor. You will react to each other’s character and to the choices they make as the story unfolds. Can you resolve the situation? Does it need to be resolved? (An activity for pairs.)

What Lies Beneath

Working with minimal script, your job is to tell a story using only the dialogue given, anchoring the lines in a specific situation that makes that story clear to the audience. How do you convey information without adding lines? (An activity for pairs)