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Your turn

International Dance Day

April 29, 2010


Dear Teacher,

International Dance Day

This April, we invite you to join in the International Dance Day celebrations taking place all over the world. Hold an event or activity that is fun, free, instructive and interactive on April 29 or the week leading up to it.

The possibilities are endless. Make a morning school announcement; read one of the International Dance Day messages in class; invite a guest artist to facilitate an in-school dance workshop; open your dance class or rehearsal to parents, and students not familiar with dance; attend a dance performance in your community; hold a dance-related art-project exhibition or film screening; write a dance or dance-related article for your school newsletter or local community newspaper; create a mini-documentary about dance in your school… or develop your very own event, perhaps in collaboration with other classes.

Still not sure? Here’s another idea. In recent years, the NAC Dance Department has reproduced a series of choreographic dance steps created by several renowned Canadian choreographers as part of an initiative entitled Dance Steps, Life Steps!* The project is well suited to a class or group setting and can involve both dance and non-dance students, and the choreographic steps are highly conducive to interaction and can prompt other educational activities.

Download the International Dance Day Kit for Dance Steps, Life Steps instructions.

* Dance Steps, Life Steps! is an annual event created in 2005 by the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD).