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Understanding Dance

Prepare to Fall in Love

See Dance

If you and Dance are going to be friends, you have to spend some time together.

Since it's pretty hard to get dance to come over for dinner, you'll have to go to its house. Usually, but not always, that's a theatre. Sometimes dance can live in an art gallery or a warehouse. You can even find it outside in warmer weather.

Appreciate Dance

Now that you're at dance's front door, you're getting a little concerned. Maybe you and dance don't speak the same language. What if you don't understand it?

Read About Dance

Do you have a passion for words on a page? Dance writers do and they express their relationship with dance by putting movement into words. Expand your knowledge of the art form.

By the way…

Dance history is full of exciting stories. Brush up on your knowledge of the past.

Photo: Caelyn Jean Knight in Tricodex (2004); Choreographer: Philippe Decouflé; Costumes: Philippe Guillotel; Lighting: Patrick Besombes; Photographer: Laurence Garret