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Resources for Parents

  • Demystify contemporary dance: Watch A Very Dangerous Pastime:  A Devastatingly Simple Dance Guide with your family… How many celebrity Canadians do you recognize in this half-hour video?
  • Dance forms: Dance encompasses more than jazz, tap and ballet. Explore a list of over 40 dance forms.
  • Impress your family with dance facts that they never knew you knew (until now)!
  • See dance: Find out where to see dance in Canada and around the world with your family or on an evening to yourself.
  • Appreciate, watch and discuss dance: If you are still not convinced that you can enjoy dance, then some practice may be in order. Find out what it takes.
  • Making dance: Explore this section with children and young adults interested in dance and choreography. Find expert advice from famous artists and learn about different dance professions and what is involved in pursuing dance as a career.