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Video Gallery

/Nsamu/, 2002
The Believer
10 Gates Dancing, Choreographer: Tedd Robinson
Rokudo: six destinies in three steps
10 Gates Dancing, Choreographer: Tedd Robinson
D-Man in the Waters (Part 1)
Bill T. Jones
Bill T. Jones
A Very Dangerous Pastime
Canada Dance Festival
Curious Schools of Theatrical Dancing, Part I
Danny Grossman
Endangered Species
Danny Grossman
Dance Streeters Video
Directed by Marites Carino, Montreal
The Four Seasons
James Kudelka, Rex Harrington
Danser Perreault [1]
Jean-Pierre Perreault

Please keep in mind:

Watching a short video excerpt of a dance on your computer is no replacement for the real thing. Dance for the stage is best viewed live. The video gallery is meant to whet your appetite for the real thing. Browse the gallery to get a taste for an artist's work. Then search the dance company website, local arts centre or theatre for live performance listings.