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Experience Dance

Photo Gallery

The still image can capture the essence of a moment - the height of a jump, a perfect balance, an expressive gesture or a dramatic fall. View some arresting dance photos in our photo gallery.

Video Gallery

The moving image can reveal the energy of a movement. View some dynamic dance videos in our video gallery.

Artist Interviews

These days, it's becoming quite common to hear dancers singing, speaking and vocalizing on stage. Here, you can listen to dance artists speak "offstage" in our artist interviews with dancers, choreographers and artistic directors.


By the way…

Dancefilm is considered by many people to be a related but distinct art form.

Watch more dance video by visiting and the website for the Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video.

Photo: Menaka Thakkar Dancers; Choreographer: Menaka Thakkar; Copyright: Menaka Thakkar