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Making Dance

The Creation-Production Process

The Choreographer's Process

Find out the steps behind a creative process from finding inspiration, choosing collaborators, investigating, making and composing movement to the final step of performing for an audience

A Choreographer's Toolbox

Discover the main techniques used in choreographic creation, including the elements of composition, space, shape, timing, dynamics, solo versus group work and form and structure.

The Virtual Dance Studio

Create choreography on your computer. Learn basic choreographic concepts and then try them out in the Virtual Dance Studio.

Studio to Stage

"Dancers to your places." These simple words are very significant in the dance world. They not only mark the beginning of a performance, they also mark the end of a creation-production process.

The Inside Scoop

What's it really like to work as a professional dance artist?

Dance Professions: Who's Who?

A dance production requires creativity, time, money, discipline and teamwork. Many people come together to make a choreographer's vision into reality.

Expert Advice

Making dance is truly a collaborative process and there's nothing quite like it. Do you think it's something you'd like to do? Do you have what it takes? If you've ever wanted to ask the professionals, including Karen Kain or Édouard Lock what they'd say to an aspiring artist, you're in luck.

Becoming A Dance Professional

Are you making plans for life after high school? Is dance on your future career path? Do you know how to get there?

NAC-CGI Youth Commission for Dance

Did you know that Canada's National Arts Centre is developing dance programming for youth?

Learn more about the NAC-CGI Youth Commission for Dance, a partnership with the Canada Council for the.


Photo: Dancers in Eidos:Telos (1995); Choreographer: William Forsythe; Dancers: (from left to right) Francesca Harper, Maurice Causey, Jone San Martin, Francesca Carotti, Desmond Richardson; Costumes: Naoki Takizawa (Miyake Design Studio) and Stephen Galloway; Lighting: William Forsythe ; Photographer and copyright: Dominik Mentzos