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Step up to dance!

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Dance lovers, students and teachers: this is where you'll find engaging and interactive educational resources, videos, games, learning tools and a wealth of information designed to build your understanding of and appreciation for dance. 

Begin your journey here, then go out and see dance and experience movement live. Cultivate your lifelong love for this dynamic art form. It’s cool! It's hot! It provokes and makes you think, feel and move!


Here’s what you’ll find:

Dance 101
Discover why people dance and let us introduce you to a variety of dance forms and styles. Learn dance facts and brush up on your dance lingo with engaging glossaries of dance and anatomy terms.  Don't forget to explore terrific links and references!
Understanding Dance
Find out where to see dance in Canada and around the world. Gain tips to facilitate your appreciation of the art form, then focus your attention on dance literacy to be able to read and write about it.
Making Dance
Delve into engaging information on the process of creating dance and the elements of choreography. Professions in dance abound: Find out what they are and gain advice from professionals on pursuing a career in the field.
Meet the Artists
Immerse yourself in hundreds of biographies: learn about top Canadian and international dance artists. Learn about the people involved in the past, present and future of theatrical dance.
Whet your appetite for seeing dance live! Sample dozens of videos and enjoy stunning photography. Watch exclusive interviews with artists like Édouard Lock, Veronica Tennant, Jérôme Bel, Karen Kain and more.
Your Turn!
Take the reins! This is where you get to be in the spotlight as student, artist and creator! Compose in the Virtual Dance Studio. Quiz yourself on seven dance, anatomy and health-related topics. Send us your dance news, reviews and compositions!


For Students
Delve into engaging information on the performing arts. There’s a lot to discover!
For Teachers
Brings into the classroom. We’ll show you how.
For Parents
Find resources of interest to you and your family.

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Photo: Dancing on top of a mountain, 2004; Dancer: Troy Feldmen; Photographer: Andrea Simpson-Fowler