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image:Tour the Collection With guest curator Scott McKowen

Tour the Collection
With guest curator Scott McKowen

Posters for Kids

image:La Céleste Bicyclette image:L'histoire de l'oie

Throughout every category in the collection, I found surprising and delightful posters created especially for children and families. For the purposes of this tour, we have reorganized these posters into a category of their own.

There are images here as fine as any award-winning children’s book cover. They are appealing and engaging and invite young imaginations to discover wonderful new stories.

image:Petit Monstre! image:English Theatre Family Series 05/06
image:La machine à beauté image:Titom image:
image: image:Théâtre/Jeunesse Centre National Des Arts Théâtre Français Denis Marleau, directeur artistique 01/02
image:Panda Panda image:The Nutcracker