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Refer to the Search the Collection section of this website to complete the followign activities.
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Below are a number of activities designed to help you interpret and enjoy the many posters in the collection.

For solo work:

If you are working alone, use these activities as tools to help you explore the collection.

For group work and presentation:

If you are working in a classroom situation, write down your findings and discuss them with your teacher and classmates. Copy the URLS (web links) for each of your poster selections, so that you are able to share them as part of your presentation.


1. From the Search the Collection main page, choose Theatre from the dropdown menu of items below "Search by Discipline."

  • Can you see a marked difference in approach to poster design between the two programming disciplines? Among other considerations that you might notice, think about imagery, colour, level of abstraction, and amount of text.
  • Record your observations.

2. Select Dance from the Search by Discipline dropdown menu and enjoy the many ways that designers have been able to convey movement, speed, fluidity and beauty in the posters you find.

  • Record your observations.

3. Select Music from the Search by Discipline dropdown menu.

  • Record your observations about what makes them unique.
  • What makes the creation of a poster for music possibly more challenging than those of other disciplines?

4. A tagline is a short catchy statement that makes a point, usually through wit. Not all posters have a tagline, but some in the poster collection do. Find several examples of posters that include good taglines. What makes them interesting or effective?

*tagline (tag line) – a tagline can also be the last line of a joke, or a slogan associated with a person or a product for marketing purposes.

5. Look for wonderful examples of the elements and principles of design in posters in the collection, including:

  • balance
  • colour
  • unity
  • movement
  • rhythm
  • line

6. From the Search the Collection main page, under the "By Poster Design" section, search posters by Design Company, Designer, Illustrator, or Graphic Artist.

  • Are there works by specific artists that you recognize by their unique style? If so, who are they?
  • What do you enjoy about their work?