– Persuading Presence
image:About the National Arts Centre Poster CollectionBy Gerry Grace, NAC Archivist

About the National Arts Centre Poster Collection
By Gerry Grace, NAC Archivist

photo:National Arts Centre, National Ballet of Canada
Poster illustration by Darin Walker for the 1982 National Ballet of Canada performance of Napoli, Four Schumann Pieces, Nataraja, The Seven Daggers © National Arts Centre, National Ballet of Canada

The NAC poster collection will continue to grow with every new show, as new seasons of posters find a permanent home in the big grey filing cabinets of the NAC Archive.

The NAC has commissioned renowned Canadian graphic designer and design historian Scott McKowen to curate Persuading Presence, this website’s exhibition of over 400 posters. McKowen has designed posters for leading performing arts companies and organizations in Canada and the United States throughout his acclaimed career. His keen knowledge and insight helps us better understand and appreciate the meaning and enduring value of the poster.