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image:About the National Arts Centre Poster CollectionBy Gerry Grace, NAC Archivist

About the National Arts Centre Poster Collection
By Gerry Grace, NAC Archivist

Stored inside a bank of unassuming grey cabinets in the Archive room of the National Arts Centre is one of the most fascinating and unique collections of performing arts posters in Canada.

Spanning almost forty years of performances, the NAC Poster Collection is comprised of thousands of posters representing the incredible range of shows that have been seen onstage at the NAC, and on NAC tours throughout Canada and the world.

For historians and enthusiasts of graphic design, applied visual art and the performing arts, the NAC poster collection is an awesome resource. Our aim in establishing this performing arts poster collection was to preserve works of documentary art and design that might otherwise have been lost to posterity.

Before the posters find their way to the NAC Poster Collection, they have a job to do.