– Persuading Presence

Activities for All

The following activities are for students, teachers and theatre-lovers to complete alone or initiate and share with others.

Browse the Collection

Browse this website’s poster collection and keep track of your reactions.

  • What draws your eye to various posters?
  • Which posters are memorable?
  • Are you more attracted to colour, to shape, to line, to contrast, to witty images? What’s your taste?

Make note of each poster’s title and the link to the poster details page so that you can return to your favourites.

Take a Walk

Talk a walk through your neighbourhood, or any area where store windows and notice boards are found. Note the numbers and kinds of posters you see.

  • Where are the posters displayed and at what height are they posted?
  • What size are the posters on display?
  • What kind of activities are advertised?
  • Are all posters professionally designed and printed?
  • Can you tell which posterimages are computer generated or hand drawn?
  • Which posters especially caught your eye, and why?

Create a Poster: Activity 1

Create a poster for a family or neighbourhood event, like a birthday party, graduation celebration or a block party. This kind of poster is like an invitation, and may or may not involve selling tickets. Either way, you are working to ensure attendance, so you need to be clear and compelling.

Choose the materials and methods you’ll use to create the poster.

You could try felt-tipped markers on paper, or computer-generated images with arresting fonts. You may choose to incorporate photographs, a collage, hand-drawn imagery or calligraphy…the possibilities are endless.

Consider the nature and content of the event and the elements and principles of design that will work best to invite, persuade and convince.

Create a Poster: Activity 2

Create a poster for an upcoming show happening at your school, community centre, place of worship, or club. You will have to make the same choices regarding materials and methods to use, as outlined in Activity 1. But the goal this time is to sell tickets. How does that change your approach?

Plan a Campaign

Plan the postering campaign that will see your poster placed in strategic neighbourhood locations.

  • Where should they be placed for maximum exposure?
  • What kinds of permissions will you need to have in order to display them?
  • How will you attach each poster once you have obtained permission?
  • What do you need in your postering kit? (tape? tacks? stapler? list of locations? contacts? anything else?)

Class Trip

Visit a graphic artist, design agency or advertising agency. With lots of advance notice, you may be able to plan a career-day visit that would let you see a workplace in action.

Browse the Internet

Browse the internet for wonderful examples of posters from around the world that advertise plays, concerts, circuses, cities, cruises, food, drink, clothing.

Choose your area of interest that might have related posters and enter specific keywords in into your search engine followed by the word “poster.”

History through Posters

Read history through posters. Posters can uncover the world of Canadian history, world history and social history in the late Nineteenth Century. Posters provide a visual background on topics like war recruitment, war-related food-rationing, health warnings, women and war, the Red Cross, propaganda and many other areas. Research posters on the web that relate to these topics.