– Persuading Presence

Create a Poster


6 - 12


This is an activity for students to choose an event and create a poster to advertise it.


Choose an event that needs an effective poster; a school concert, play, or community event. It’s important that it be something that requires you to make the same professional decisions that a marketer and a designer would have to make.



Consult the person who needs the poster. This is your client: ie. the music teacher, the little theatre, a local charity. What is expected? What can they afford? What do they need? Where will the event take place and how many tickets do they hope to sell? What are their deadlines? Be upfront about what you can deliver.


Explore the content of the play, the musical repertoire, the type of event, and the needs of the organization you will be working for.


  • Consider your target audience and where they can be found.
  • Consider your (or your client’s) budget. What can you afford? Maybe nothing, maybe a little.
  • Consider how the poster will be designed: by hand, using a computer?
  • Consider how many posters you plan to reproduce.
  • Consider how the poster will be reproduced: by hand, on a home printer, at a copy shop?


Create the concept that will ensure the poster has a “hook”, and is eye-catching, appealing, delivers a “wow” factor, stands out among the other posters, and does its job.

  • Review the elements and principles of design.
  • Check the poster concept with your client.
  • Design the poster, using any materials at your disposal, from using markers on paper to a computer-graphics software. If you are not a designer, work with a friend who might be studying computer design or graphic design in school.


Remember, when preparing your text, remember to answer the Who? What? When? Where? and How much? questions related to your event.


  • Review the poster with your client to avoid missing or incorrect information.
  • Review all spellings and proofread the text several times.
  • Ask someone whose eye you trust to proofread the text.


Make sure that you have a plan to get the posters on the street. See Plan a Campaign on the Activities for All page.