– Persuading Presence
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Activities & Resources

Visual Metaphor: what is it?

Activity to engage students and teachers to investigate how the concept of visual metaphor is used in poster design.

Search the Collection

Activities designed to help you interpret and enjoy the many posters in the – Persuading Presence collection.

Activities for All

Activities for students, teachers and theatre-lovers to complete alone or initiate and share with others.

Analyzing Effective Posters

Activities designed to guide students through the collection and spark discussions focused on the effective poster’s ability to catch the eye, deliver information and inspire connotative association.

Create a Poster

Activity for students to choose an event and create a poster to advertise it.


3-Minute Quiz (fill-in-the-blanks)

Identify the Elements and Principles of Design (multiple choice)

Glossary Quiz: True or False

Glossary Quiz: Multiple Choice


Brush up on your graphic design and theatre lingo with this glossary of terms.


Canadian Design Schools

Graphic Art and Design (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Visual Artists’s Associations (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Canada Day Poster Challenge: Canadian Heritage

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

Design Edge Canada

Canadian War Poster Collection (McGill Library Digital Collections)

The Polish Poster Collection (Wallace Library)

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Poster Collection

Poster Expressionists Canada’s postering scene makes its mark ( / Art & Design)