The National Arts Center (NAC) gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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Broadcast-quality recordings for this project were generously provided by CBC Radio 2.

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  • Jill LaForty
  • Loretta Hensel
  • Ken Puley
  • Allison Lennox
  • David Basskin
  • Natacha Labelle
  • Canadian Music Centre

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  • Maurizio Ortolani
    Producer, New Media
  • Marnie Richardson
    Manager, New Media
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  • Alida Cupillari
    Project Manager
  • Jason Westerlund
    Principal Creative, New Media
  • Martin Jones
    Network and Multimedia Specialist


  • Anna Thornton
  • Alida Cupillari
    Project Manager, NAC musicbox TIMELINE
  • Robert Markow
    Project Writer
  • Eric Friesen
  • Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer

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  • Daphne Burt
  • Gerry Grace
  • Lynne Hammond
  • David Hutchenreuther
  • Jane Morris
  • Kimball Sykes
  • Winston Webber
  • Shannon Whidden

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  • Sally Benson
  • Lynne Hammond
  • David Hutchenreuther
  • John Gomez
  • Daniel Gress
  • Walter Prystawski
  • Eric Rupp
  • Kimball Sykes
  • Peter Webster