Learning Activity # 2: Culminating Task

Educational Focus

Students demonstrate their understanding of the composing strategies used by the compositions studied in Power of the Voice.


Manuscript paper or composition software

Lesson Map

I. Review

  • Have students review the strategies they have compiled on their Composing Strategies for Voice charts which by now should include:
    • not using text
    • using text
      • invented text
      • writing your own lyrics
      • using existing lyrics (poetry)
      • using text from primary sources (diaries, letters, etc.)
    • using signature motives
    • creating a hybrid with music of another composer
    • writing for a specific singer
    • writing for a specific voice range as inspired by the chosen text

II. Task Description

  • Students can work in groups or individually to create a composition for voice that demonstrates and understanding of at least two of the strategies listed above.
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