VMC Learning Collection: Music Connections

About Music Connections

Welcome to Music Connections, a set of multi-media learning collections designed for high school educators and their students. We are grateful to the Virtual Museum of Canada for making this interactive tool and its contents possible.

Music Connections brings Canadian orchestral music into your classroom and makes it possible for your students to actively engage with asset-based information as they listen to the music.

Beautifully organized under overarching themes, these relatively rare recordings are a virtual treasure trove to explore and enjoy.

What you will find in Music Connections

  • Eight learning collections featuring Canadian orchestral works.
  • Each learning collection:
    • Focuses on a central theme and is cross-curricular
    • Features five or six Canadian composers
    • Provides learning and listening activities explored through audio, image, video and flash media assets

About the Music Connections media assets

An exciting feature of Music Connections is the use of text, audio, image, video and flash assets. All assets are hyperlinks for easy data projection use.

Text Assets: Lesson plans, teaching steps for guided listening exercises, background on the composers, contextual information and program notes.

Audio Assets: Short music excerpts illustrating key points relating to the theme.

Visual Assets: Excerpts from scores, works of art, composer notes, and primary source documents.

Flash assets: Student sheets and graphic organizers for score study and listening responses.

Video assets: Short excerpts of footage from the National Film Board.


Virtual Museum of Canada

To access the Virtual Museum of Canada's complete digital learning resources and lesson plans, visit the VMC Teachers' Centre.