The NACmusicbox TIMELINE allows a user to explore works by international and Canadian composers within the context of 300 years of history! Filters help sort the works and establish musical connections. The site has a player and allows for the creation of playlists.

About the Filters

By using filters, the TIMELINE visitor can search by composer, by music period, by nationality, by title, by soloist and by relational themes called Music Connections. These connections were developed by renowned musicologists and educators.

By selecting Canadian Works, the Canadian Filter highlights only the works of Canadian composers.

When a filter is selected, and there is more than one result, a user can scroll to the next search result by clicking on the Next and Previous arrows.

To start a new search, click on Reset Filter and start another filter selection.

How it's Organized

The NACmusicbox TIMELINE is organized by decades. Each decade is represented by a column of blocks. Each block represents a single performance of a work. By scrolling along the TIMELINE, a user can peruse the entire span of works through the pop up tickets and listen to them right away or save them to the playlist.

By clicking on a block or on the ticket, an overlay page opens. The web site visitor can again choose to listen to the music while reading the composer's biography or the concert program note. Concurrent events can be found in This Year in History, divided into history, science and the arts. The content spans three hundred years of music, from the early eighteenth century (Baroque) to Contemporary (present day).

Need Help Making a Playlist?

While scrolling the TIMELINE, you can skim the details of a work (title, composer, performance date) of a musical work. The pop up ticket offers a "Play" button and a "Add to Playlist" button. The "Play" button will start the musical work selected. The "Add to Playlist" button will cue the selected musical piece to the Playlist located at the top of the interactive TIMELINE. The playlist will list all the movements of a work, with the option to deselect them as desired.

Effort has been made to keep the file sizes as small as possible without compromising quality. However there are several large audio files offered on this site. We regret any inconvenience.

We hope you enjoy exploring the TIMELINE as much as we enjoyed producing it.