Quiz 1 (Novice)


Directions: Fill in the blank in each sentence with a word from the list below.

Related resource(s): Glossary, setting, maquette, status, period, theme, realism, collaboration, scenic designer, mood, director

  1. When the curtain rises, the audience sees bright colours and hears street music that suggest a carnival. The _____________________ is lively.
  2. The friendly discussion between the scenic designer and the director at the first meeting suggests that they will enjoy a good _____________________ .
  3. A main task of the _____________________ is to block the actors so that they will be seen and heard by the audience and rehearse them to tell the story of the play effectively.
  4. The _____________________ of the play is the place is which the story takes place.
  5. Style of costume and architectural detail help establish the time of the story or the _____________________ .
  6. The scenic designer creates a scale model of the set, which is also called the _____________________ .
  7. Creating the visual setting of the play – what we see on stage – is the job of the _____________________ .
  8. Oh, What a Lovely War! is a musical revue whose anti-war _____________________ highlights the irony of the title.
  9. The set of this particular production requires the kind of architectural detail that indicates a person of upper middle-class _____________________ .
  10. If we’re going for _____________________ , we need to be very careful to make the details of the family room in Act 3 look like the real thing.