– The Secret Life of Costumes

Who Does What in Wardrobe?

1. Who uses a T-square to build a costume?

First Hand
Costume Designer

2. What is the main job of the Wardrobe Supervisor/Head of Wardrobe?

Decide the historical period for any given production
Make sure that the staff arrive on time to get the job done
Control the budget, maintain the supplies inventory and assign staff duties

3. Who is involved in a “quick change”?

Cutter and Actor
Dresser and Actor
Costume Designer and Actor

4. Whom would you ask to make a suit?

Costume Designer

5. Who sews the costume pieces together?

Costume Designer
First Hand

6. Who decides the style of the play?

Director and Designer
Tailor and Cutter
Playwright and Actors

7. What is a fashion ruler?

Someone who dictates what’s in and what’s out of fashion
A curved instrument used for shaping curved seams
Any ruler used in the fashion industry

8. Where does a dresser work?

Rehearsal hall

9. What is the first important piece of information that a cutter needs to start work on the costume block?

Colour of the fabric to be used
Name of the actor wearing the costume
Measurements of the actor wearing the costume

10. Which of the following items would not be considered an accessory?

Fur stole