– The Secret Life of Costumes

Featured designers
By Michael Eagan

image:Olympe (Gisele Trepanier), Feraillon (Claude Marquis), La Puce à l'Oreille (1980/1981)
Olympe (Gisele Trepanier), Feraillon (Claude Marquis), La Puce à l'Oreille (1980/1981)
Designed by François Barbeau / © François Barbeau

Amazing in its scope, the costume archive at the National Arts Centre (NAC) is an indispensable element in understanding and appreciating the history of the NAC as a producer of theatre and opera since 1969. A great range of top Canadian and international designers are represented in the archive’s collection of original designs, production photographs and a selective collection of costumes. The variety and depth of the costumes in the archive is a testament to the great work, range of personalities and styles of individual artists that have worked at the NAC. Here we feature four designers in detail, each with a substantial body of work who represent different stages in the NAC’s history: